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Satellite Teleport

Satellite teleports are permanent satellite uplink facilities located throughout the world. These teleports are facilities that are built for the purpose of maintaining high quality communications with orbiting satellites.

A teleport consists of a number of facilities for data transmission and reception via a satellite connection.

Antennas of a satellite TeleportThe main tasks of the teleport are:

  • Raising programs to the satellite.
  • Reception of signals from the satellite for control of signal presence at the satellite and its quality.
  • Providing permanent capacity for work of the satellite channel.

 Some teleport facilities offer global coverage through the Intelsat, Eutelsat, PanAmSat ,Arabsat, Nilesat, Thaicom, Telstar and Amos satellites. C, Ku and Ka band teleport services are often provided.

A teleport can uplink taped programs like video press releases, or live teleconferences. Studios and teleproduction facilities are connected directly to the uplink via microwave or optical fiber. A signal contribution through a satellite is also possible. In this case the teleport provides "turnaround" service, which means that the channel is received from one satellite and re-transmitted on another satellite.   

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  Satellite Teleport

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